The Belief Spectrum: Who Believes What?

It's easy to fall into black-and-white thinking. But, that doesn't work well here.

At one end, we find (I kid you not) Fundamentalist Flat Earthers. Somewhere nearby are Geocentrists. Here are selections from the more major groups:

some Young-Earth Creationists

Creation Science Home Page
Institute for Creation Research
Answers in Genesis
Center for Scientific Creation (Walter Brown)
Creation Research Society
The Christian Research Institute
The Revolution Against Evolution
Creation Ministries International

some Old-Earth Creationists

Reasons To Believe (Hugh Ross)
Answers In Action
"The Mysterious Origins of Man"
Walter Bradley Page
Access Research Network
The Triunity Report

Intelligent-Design, or Old-Earth, or maybe Theistic Evolution?

Foundation, Fall & Flood
Affiliation of Christian Geologists
Welcome to the Fellowship of Scientists
Christians in Science
American Scientific Affiliation
Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture
Davis A. Young
Reasons You Can Trust The Bible
Evolution and Relativity Prove God Exists
Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies
Faith & Reason Ministries
Evidence For God
Does Intelligent Design Explain Life's Origin and Evolution?

some Scientists Per-Se

The Age of the Earth
Andrew MacRae
Paluxy Dinosaur "Man Track" controversy
Jeff's Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology
Gateway to the Transitional FAQ
Saladin-Gish Debate II
Capella's Guide to Atheism
Online Zoologists
Carbon-14 and Radiometric Dating
Lenny Flank
John Wilkins: Evolution and Philosophy
No Answers in Genesis

Net Resources, Institutions, and Link Pages

The Talk.Origins Archive
Age of the Earth FAQ
Radiocarbon Dating
NOVA Online/Odyssey of Life/How Did We Get Here? A Cyber Debate
U. of California Museum of Paleontology
The Tree of Life
Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy)
MITOMAP: A mitochondrial DNA database
The ESG Biology Hypertextbook Home Page
Interview with Stanley Miller
Beginnings of Life: Christian de Duve
Data for: Deep Precambrian Divergence
The National Center for Biotechnology Information
The National Center for Science Education HomePage
Voices for Evolution
Teaching About Evolution


I hope I didn't put anyone in a wrong category. It's sometimes difficult. A "statement of belief" may essentially say "We believe in God's Truth". Well, yes, that's good, but, er, um, ah?

I sorted the above according to astronomy. This sort-of sorts people according to their explanation of fossils. Young-earthers would most likely say that all fossils were laid down during Noah's flood.

Old Earthers allow that the fossils are separated in time, and then explain the progression of the fossils. I'm not sure how Hindu (cyclic) Creationists explain progression. The "Mysterious Origins of Man" page seems to have Hindu roots.

One Christian explanation is that God individually created each species, in an order of His choice. Another explanation is that God guided evolution. (It has been argued that He does this continuously; or intermittently; or in detail; or only by providing Purpose.)

A third explanation is that God infused humanity with souls, but did not have to disturb his Creation in order that we be brought about. A fourth explanation is that God set Creation into motion, and it has run its (intended) course. The fifth and final explanation is that the Universe simply runs its course, and that Purpose is for humans to make.

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