Quote: Isaac Asimov

Various Creationists, notably Duane Gish, have used quotes from Isaac Asimov about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Dr. Asimov wrote a large number of (good) popular-science books, and of course the Second Law appears in some of those books.

The quotes appear to be correct, as far as they go. However, in the Saladin-Gish debate, we find:

Dr. Gish has always been fond of quoting Isaac Asimov as his authority on the Second Law. In our journal, Creation/Evolution, Issue VI, Dr. Asimov responded. He described Gish's treatment of the Second Law as being, and I quote, "on a kindergarten level."
Dr. Saladin is a biology professor. Transcripts of this debate are available from the National Center for Science Education. Dr. Asimov wrote the introduction to the NCSE booklet Voices for Evolution.

Last modified: 24 February 1998

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