Glen Rose Man

Creationist "Dr." Carl Baugh has a "Creation Evidences Museum" near Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas. One of his fossil discoveries is a tooth, found in the Paluxy River in 1987:

Recent investigation at the Paluxy site has uncovered other unusual fossils such as a molar believed to be human,

Douglas B. Sharp in The Revolution Against Evolution, chapter II.

The Creationist point here is that science must have its time scale wildly wrong, since the tooth is contemporary to dinosaurs. However, the tooth has been examined by scientists:
For example, the "human" tooth promoted by Baugh and the CRSQ has been conclusively shown to be a fish tooth. In 1989, in the face of overwhelming evidence, Baugh himself acknowledged that it was not human, although he and others have since made some suggestions that the issue may not be settled, while offering nothing further to support the human tooth claim.

Glen J. Kuban, Origins Research, 1992, Vol.14, No. 2, pp. 7, 12, 16.

Kuban's references are
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