Is the Universe "fine tuned" to make life possible?

This has been suggested by various religious people. For example, Dr. Walter Bradley who speaks of the "overwhelming evidence from modern science for the existence of God."

They make points such as:

Some continue this by pointing out other coincidences, such as the fact that the Earth is at just the right distance from the Sun. While those are also coincidences, they are local rather than universal.

I don't know of a technical objection to these points. The exact degree of coincidence doesn't seem worth arguing about. The question is, what should I conclude from coincidences?

There are five reasonable answers, or perhaps I should say, attitudes:

As Dr. Bradley has said, it "should be emphasized one cannot scientifically prove or disprove the existence of God." I would also be cautious about too-strong belief in the other alternatives I've listed. But for the moment, you may adopt whichever one pleases you. Personally, I take the middle course, and the middle choice.

Last modified: 6 July 1997

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