Is Evolution Atheistic? Is Science?

On this point, Evolution is the same as all other sciences.

People with "Philosophy of Science" degrees hold that science and religion are separate, and do not overlap. Scientists (as scientists) are not supposed to have opinions about religion. Science is the study of nature, i.e. Creation, and that's that. There is a difference between being a-theistic (denying God) and non-theistic (not mentioning God). Plumbers (as plumbers) don't mention God either. Scientists (and plumbers) may do so in their private lives, but it's not part of their job.

Many scientists happen to be religious. And many religions feel that they are not in conflict with science. Pope John Paul II stated that his church accepted Evolution. The Church of England declared that they saw no conflict, and they did so while Darwin was still alive. Darwin is, in fact, buried in Westminster Abbey, near Isaac Newton.

Some atheists take comfort from science. But that doesn't mean that science per-se has an opinion about atheism, or about Evolution being good, or moral. Various philosophies, such as "Social Darwinism" (and Marxism) have claimed to be supported by scientific evidence. But then, various Creationist authors claim to be supported by scientific evidence.

Last modified: 4 September 2006

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